Simplicity in marketing is argued to be one of the main factors for capturing customer attention, retention, loyalty, and positive word of mouth.

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Spiritual Needs


Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is largely used by marketers to identify customer’s motives in making a certain purchase. Indeed, it is a fairly simple pyramid that explains many decisions that humans make and could easily applied to consumer behavior research.

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Mournful Future


The new Mad Max movie stuns the viewer with continuous action. Its story, although simple, intrigues to know what comes next and develops characters in a seamless manner leaving their past to the interpretation of the audience. Yet the movie reminded me again on the mournful potential future of the humankind, and the important role of marketing in that future.

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Lacking Behind


Technological advancement forces business leaders to adapt to new environments. It urges them to learn new skills, challenge uncertainty, and set more flexible strategies to ensure their business survival and sometimes business prosperity.

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Power of Marketing

Idea Bulb

Ideas and beliefs, in my view, are among the most powerful aspects on our planet. Wars have been waged, people have been killed, cities have been built or burnt, societies have been established or destroyed, and economies have risen or fallen, all because of certain ideas or beliefs.

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