Power of Marketing

Idea Bulb

Ideas and beliefs, in my view, are among the most powerful aspects on our planet. Wars have been waged, people have been killed, cities have been built or burnt, societies have been established or destroyed, and economies have risen or fallen, all because of certain ideas or beliefs.

Here comes the true power of marketing. It has the potential of spreading ideas like contagion from one person to another.

The first marketer that I could think of was Lucifer when he induced Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge. He sold an idea to her and she committed that sin.

Ironically, all prophets practiced marketing too! Instead of having a physical product to sell they had an idea that they had to promote to the masses.

Political ideologies and economic doctrines require marketing communication as well. Just look at socialist or capitalist propaganda and notice how political communication was carefully designed to plant beliefs as seeds in the minds of the audience.

Today most business practice marketing to sell their products or services. However, some companies are able to leverage on getting customers that share their values and beliefs, and that in my opinion turns to be the most effective branding strategy.

This famous TED talk reflects what marketers should focus on…

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