Mournful Future


The new Mad Max movie stuns the viewer with continuous action. Its story, although simple, intrigues to know what comes next and develops characters in a seamless manner leaving their past to the interpretation of the audience. Yet the movie reminded me again on the mournful potential future of the humankind, and the important role of marketing in that future.

Because most businesses measure success by the wealth they create for shareholders, marketers are employed to sell as much as they could to maximize revenues, an act that boosts consumerism and materialism in societies. However, Mahatma Gandhi once said ā€œThe world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greedā€ and I agree with his opinion.

I believe that marketers can have a positive impact in encouraging sustainability. With a holistic marketing approach to business, marketers take into account the impact that their actions have on environment and society in order to have a broader definition of a business success.

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