Despite the evidence that interruption marketing is not the most effective way in reaching out customers, and even could have a negative effect on brands and sales, some companies insist on using this obtrusive method, and my last taxi ride is an example.

When I entered the cab I saw a tablet in front of my face. First I thought it was a nice idea from the driver to put it so that customers could check their e-mails, the news, or maybe even play some games during the ride. Yet, the tablet was there only to display continuous advertisements! It displayed ads for various unrelated products with lots of flashes, interchanging images, and annoying noise.

It took me a while to find a way and mute the sounds of those ads, yet the videos continued to irritate me and even made me dizzy. I hated every brand and every product that was offered to me and only hoped that my ride finishes soon.

It is not that I am against traditional outbound marketing approaches, but I am against overusing them. For instance, had the software on that tablet offered customers to choose from sections such as: events this week, places to dine, sports activities, current blockbusters, places to visit (for tourists), I believe it would have been a much better experience for the customer and would have generated effective exposure of brands.

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