Marketing automation is what many people, including me, see as an industry changer. It brings many advantages that have been difficult to attain with traditional marketing approaches. For instance, it enables marketers to capture crucial customer data that is useful in understanding and anticipating their behavior, it also gives the opportunity to develop clear quantitative returns on marketing investment ROIs that have long been qualitative in nature, and it helps in building customer segments and profiles that could later be used for effective targeting.

Yet, marketing, in general, is about building long lasting relationships with customers. These relationships, I believe, can only be made between humans rather than between a human and an automated software that uses algorithms to respond to customer’s requests.

In addition some might even argue that too much automation could hinder the creative part of marketing. Because automating activities usually means following clearly specified procedures and structures, there could be little room left for creativity that mostly comes as spontaneous sparks.

Hence, despite the fact that CMOs see marketing automation as a new frontier to tap into, marketing at its core is still based on human interaction and and creativity. That is what customers expect from companies and brands.

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