Yesterday I was amazed -again- to see how technology could profoundly change the way people operate. hitRECord is a website that enables individuals from all over the world to share their creative projects, whether it is writing, music, animation, graphic design, or video recording, and then share the project with the community that could edit or integrate that material with other contributions. This website is a global production platform that brings creative minds together to create something wonderful and ingenious!

hit RECord is a is a form of crowdsourcing initiative that could be classified, basing on a Harvard Business Review article, as a crowd collaborative community. That article also explains other forms of crowdsourcing strategies which are summarized in this table:


Marketers can potentially benefit a lot from such initiatives. They could use websites like 99designs for graphic and web designs, and other websites like topcoder for application and software development. Crowdsourcing can enhance brand recognition, loyalty, and more importantly, create brand communities that bring feedback on product or service performance, along with ideas on their enhancement.

These platforms along with many other examples require in depth analysis to identify the most effective ways in leveraging on global human energy and creativity.

Image Source

Table source


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