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One of the fundamentals that any marketing student learns is the importance of listening to customers. Listening enables companies to develop products and services that could best serve their clients and brings feedback that is essential for development and innovation.

However, it seems that professionals are becoming overwhelmed with the various applications and software programs available today, and shift their focus from the core principles of marketing, such as listening, to the tools that can only serve as means for achieving core goals of marketing. This results in a disconnection between brands’ offerings and consumers’ wants.

Despite the fact that marketers are using these applications and generate huge amounts of data from interactions with their clients, they don’t know how do get insights from that. Hence, I believe that just like a pencil, as a tool, is useless unless you have a clear objective on how you are going to use it, contemporary marketing software is useless unless the company listens to its customers to develop well defined strategies on how to serve them best.

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