Having read a recent post of Forbs about the freelance economy encouraged me to explore websites such as Upwork that help freelancers to find projects and get payed for completing them. On that website, businesses and individuals post jobs which freelancers could apply for get payed on hourly basis.

Indeed, in today’s world people could generate good income provided they have suitable modern skills. However, what I see, as a marketing student, is that academic institutions today do not equip future marketers with skills that are desperately needed in the job market. For example, a simple search on Upwork for marketing jobs reveal many projects related to graphic design, branding, SEO, social media marketing, content creation, web development, website management, data analysis, and other jobs that require specific skills which are lacking in many marketing graduates.

As I mentioned before, although I understand the importance of theoretical frameworks that build business thinking, I believe that it is also important to produce professionals that are able to deliver value for organizations in the form of technical expertise.

Hence, Adobe Creative Suit applications, SPSS, R Programming, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript languages are among the important areas where marketing scholars need to learn by themselves.

For Adobe applications it is relatively easy to find tutorials on Youtube. As for programming languages I would recommend Codeacademy, and W3Schools as useful resources for learning.

Lastly, I know for sure that there are other areas that modern marketers need to learn by themselves, but I am unaware of them yet. Therefore I welcome your suggestions in the comments.

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