Hedgehog Concept


In his fantastic book “Good to Great” Jim Collins explains several steps that should be taken to take an organization from mainstream performance to great and above average results.

I am not going to summarize the steps as many other people have already done that, but what intrigued me is to think of these steps not on the organizational level but on the personal or individual level.


One particular step stands out for me which is the hedgehog concept. A hedgehog is a disciplined creature that uses a simple strategy of rolling into a small ball to face the cunning fox. Despite the various tactics and attempts that a fox might try in hunting, the hedgehog always wins.

Organizations, according to Mr. Collins, become great when they consistently embrace a simple and well thought understanding which would serve as a guideline to all corporate decisions. The hedgehog concept comes from the following circles:


I believe that these circles are very much applicable on a n individual level as well. Once one can find something that he or she is passionate about, something that he or she could be the best in the world at, and link that to income generation, then one’s life can be considered successful.

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