Social Media & Morals


I was recently invited by the EPIC Club and Involve Club at SEGi University to participate for a public speaking competition. The topic that I had to discuss was this question: “Is social media creating moral degradation among adolescents?”. While doing my research I came across multiple contradictions that made me deeply think on how should I frame my opinion on this topic…

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Core Entrepreneurship Qualities


Last week I visited Malaysian Entrepreneur Convention and along with over 3000 other visitors listened to successful stories of Malaysian entrepreneurs. It was organized by KK Chua who invited amazing individuals such as Dato’ CC Ngei, Benjamin Yong, Hui Mathews, Joel Neoh, Jeevan Sahadevan, Chris Tan, Sherlyn Tan, and other inspiring people. They shared valuable tips on how to succeed as an entrepreneur, yet I found that all of them had the following common qualities:

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