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One of the fundamentals that any marketing student learns is the importance of listening to customers. Listening enables companies to develop products and services that could best serve their clients and brings feedback that is essential for development and innovation.

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Yesterday I was amazed -again- to see how technology could profoundly change the way people operate. hitRECord is a website that enables individuals from all over the world to share their creative projects, whether it is writing, music, animation, graphic design, or video recording, and then share the project with the community that could edit or integrate that material with other contributions. This website is a global production platform that brings creative minds together to create something wonderful and ingenious!

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Marketing automation is what many people, including me, see as an industry changer. It brings many advantages that have been difficult to attain with traditional marketing approaches. For instance, it enables marketers to capture crucial customer data that is useful in understanding and anticipating their behavior, it also gives the opportunity to develop clear quantitative returns on marketing investment ROIs that have long been qualitative in nature, and it helps in building customer segments and profiles that could later be used for effective targeting.

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Despite the evidence that interruption marketing is not the most effective way in reaching out customers, and even could have a negative effect on brands and sales, some companies insist on using this obtrusive method, and my last taxi ride is an example.

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The Straight Line Theory


The Wolf of Wall Street movie captured a lot of attention world wide, and I watched it more than once, which rarely happens to other films. I was intrigued to know what exactly was Jordan Belfort doing to persuade people to buy stocks they might haven’t otherwise bought. It took some effort to find information on his selling approach because it is a copyrighted system, “The Straight Line Theory” that he is actually selling and is providing courses to improve salesmen performance worldwide.

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Marketing Role in The Value Chain

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Michel Porter’s value chain model is studied, to the best of my knowledge, by every business student. It is indeed a very useful tool that helps to understand how companies create value for themselves and their customers.

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