The Dark Side of Marketing


I have talked about the important role marketing can play in societies and its power in influencing peoples’ ideas and values. Yet as uncle Ben famously said: “with great power comes great responsibility“. The dark side of marketing is manifested when companies focus solely on selling their products or services rather than providing true value to society. ThisĀ  “dark side” is clearly communicated in the following song by Lily Allen:

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It has been a while I haven’t blogged… Now I’m trying to convince myself that I was too busy with my last semester at the university, research paper, and job hunting… The truth however is that I lacked commitment.

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Despite the evidence that interruption marketing is not the most effective way in reaching out customers, and even could have a negative effect on brands and sales, some companies insist on using this obtrusive method, and my last taxi ride is an example.

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Marketing Role in The Value Chain

Golden eggs in bird's nest

Michel Porter’s value chain model is studied, to the best of my knowledge, by every business student. It is indeed a very useful tool that helps to understand how companies create value for themselves and their customers.

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Mournful Future


The new Mad Max movie stuns the viewer with continuous action. Its story, although simple, intrigues to know what comes next and develops characters in a seamless manner leaving their past to the interpretation of the audience. Yet the movie reminded me again on the mournful potential future of the humankind, and the important role of marketing in that future.

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Power of Marketing

Idea Bulb

Ideas and beliefs, in my view, are among the most powerful aspects on our planet. Wars have been waged, people have been killed, cities have been built or burnt, societies have been established or destroyed, and economies have risen or fallen, all because of certain ideas or beliefs.

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