Social Media & Morals


I was recently invited by the EPIC Club and Involve Club at SEGi University to participate for a public speaking competition. The topic that I had to discuss was this question: “Is social media creating moral degradation among adolescents?”. While doing my research I came across multiple contradictions that made me deeply think on how should I frame my opinion on this topic…

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The Dark Side of Marketing


I have talked about the important role marketing can play in societies and its power in influencing peoples’ ideas and values. Yet as uncle Ben famously said: “with great power comes great responsibility“. The dark side of marketing is manifested when companies focus solely on selling their products or services rather than providing true value to society. ThisĀ  “dark side” is clearly communicated in the following song by Lily Allen:

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Mournful Future


The new Mad Max movie stuns the viewer with continuous action. Its story, although simple, intrigues to know what comes next and develops characters in a seamless manner leaving their past to the interpretation of the audience. Yet the movie reminded me again on the mournful potential future of the humankind, and the important role of marketing in that future.

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