Social Media & Morals


I was recently invited by the EPIC Club and Involve Club at SEGi University to participate for a public speaking competition. The topic that I had to discuss was this question: “Is social media creating moral degradation among adolescents?”. While doing my research I came across multiple contradictions that made me deeply think on how should I frame my opinion on this topic…

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Having read a recent post of Forbs about the freelance economy encouraged me to explore websites such as Upwork that help freelancers to find projects and get payed for completing them. On that website, businesses and individuals post jobs which freelancers could apply for get payed on hourly basis.

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Yesterday I was amazed -again- to see how technology could profoundly change the way people operate. hitRECord is a website that enables individuals from all over the world to share their creative projects, whether it is writing, music, animation, graphic design, or video recording, and then share the project with the community that could edit or integrate that material with other contributions. This website is a global production platform that brings creative minds together to create something wonderful and ingenious!

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Lacking Behind


Technological advancement forces business leaders to adapt to new environments. It urges them to learn new skills, challenge uncertainty, and set more flexible strategies to ensure their business survival and sometimes business prosperity.

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