Lacking Behind


Technological advancement forces business leaders to adapt to new environments. It urges them to learn new skills, challenge uncertainty, and set more flexible strategies to ensure their business survival and sometimes business prosperity.

This is true for marketers today more than ever! Every time a new social platform emerges, it has the potential to grow and become “the next big thing”, and that poses tremendous pressure on agile marketers too keep up in being where their customer is.

Marketing analytics software is another area of massive development. Tools for segmenting online customers, measuring customer engagement, tracking events, capturing conversations, controlling website traffic, analyzing behavior, and many more, could result in indecisiveness and loss for marketing managers.

Yet, as a student, I can see that marketing courses in most universities lack behind in developing digital and analytical skills among their students. For example, I had to start this blog in order to familiarize myself with basic web analytics!

Hence, I believe in order to succeed in the marketing industry, students have to be equipped with necessary digital skills that would enable them to cope with the technological change.

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