Social Media & Morals


I was recently invited by the EPIC Club and Involve Club at SEGi University to participate for a public speaking competition. The topic that I had to discuss was this question: “Is social media creating moral degradation among adolescents?”. While doing my research I came across multiple contradictions that made me deeply think on how should I frame my opinion on this topic…

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The Dark Side of Marketing


I have talked about the important role marketing can play in societies and its power in influencing peoples’ ideas and values. Yet as uncle Ben famously said: “with great power comes great responsibility“. The dark side of marketing is manifested when companies focus solely on selling their products or services rather than providing true value to society. ThisĀ  “dark side” is clearly communicated in the following song by Lily Allen:

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It has been a while I haven’t blogged… Now I’m trying to convince myself that I was too busy with my last semester at the university, research paper, and job hunting… The truth however is that I lacked commitment.

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The Straight Line Theory


The Wolf of Wall Street movie captured a lot of attention world wide, and I watched it more than once, which rarely happens to other films. I was intrigued to know what exactly was Jordan Belfort doing to persuade people to buy stocks they might haven’t otherwise bought. It took some effort to find information on his selling approach because it is a copyrighted system, “The Straight Line Theory” that he is actually selling and is providing courses to improve salesmen performance worldwide.

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Marketing Role in The Value Chain

Golden eggs in bird's nest

Michel Porter’s value chain model is studied, to the best of my knowledge, by every business student. It is indeed a very useful tool that helps to understand how companies create value for themselves and their customers.

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